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Use the fastest eshop on market. Optimal performance is achieved by using the most modern technologies on web.


Application & Eshop at the price of one. We use Progressive Web Application technology to provide a more complete experience.


Serve products and their categories using structured data and Search Engine Friendly code for optimal access by bots and crawlers. Take advantage of the power of search engines like Google, Bing.


Help your customers find quickly and easily what they are looking for. We use advanced search engines for optimal results.


Motivate customers to prefer your store again in the future for their purchases. We use flexible reward models to build a long-term relationship of trust between business and consumer.


Take control of your business and manage your products, orders and customers easily and quickly. We provide a state-of-the-art management platform through which you can organize marketing actions, track statistics and many other KPIs of your business.

E-shop platform merxone

Meet the innovative merxone e-shop platform and start selling today one step ahead of the competition. The technologies we use make the difference!

merxone E-shop

Upgrade your online store with merxone and transform digitally your services.

  • checkmark Optimized Navigation Speed
  • checkmark Mobile-first design and responsive layout
  • checkmark E-shop installation as an application in all operating systems and types of devices (Progressive Web Application)
  • checkmark Structured Data and Search Engine Friendly Code for Optimal SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • checkmark SearchX: Easy and fast search for products, categories, brands using instant search engine
  • checkmark LoyaltyX: Innovative loyalty system that rewards not only orders but also a variety of customer’s interactions
  • checkmark Offline content display ability
  • checkmark Smart notification system (Push Notifications)
  • checkmark Articles-Blog: Develop a categorized Blog using multiple articles and organize them with an advanced tagging system
  • checkmark Easily configurable and editable interface
  • checkmark Fast Checkout with a wide variety of payment methods and shipping options
  • checkmark New users registration through social authentication (Google, Facebook, Apple)
  • checkmark Multilingual function
  • checkmark Marketing actions
  • checkmark Product revies

merxone CMS

An easy and fast administration panel for the holistic management of your E-shop and your business.

  • checkmark Orders: order processing, status change, printing options, comments adding, courier voucher, contact with customers (email, Viber, SMS)
  • checkmark Products: unlimited number of products, colors - sizes, group products, multiple photos, description and content editing, category management - filters - tags - badges, price and discount processing, stock tracking, availability options, view or not in various xml feeds, SEO field editing, multilingual function
  • checkmark Customers: customer registration type, detailed information, summary view of orders - favorites - products, multiple addresses, comments, communication via email-SMS-Viber
  • checkmarkMarketing
  • checkmark Discount Coupons with different scenarios (multiple users, time validity, specialization per brand or category or customer)
  • checkmark Bundle: Combined offer to buy products using extra discount
  • checkmark Gift: Scenarios for giving a gift to customers by automatically adding the gift to the cart
  • checkmarkSet products
  • checkmarkCompetitions

Platform connectivity

Easy connection with:

  • checkmarkERPs (Entersoft, SoftOne etc.)
  • checkmark Price Comparison Engines (Skroutz, Best Price)
  • checkmarkSkroutz Smart Cart
  • checkmark E-mail Providers (Mailchimp, ContactPigeon etc.)
  • checkmarkGoogle services (Analytics, Adwords)
  • checkmarkSocial media feed (Facebook, Pinterest)
platform connection

Revieve partner

platform connection platform connection

Exclusive partnership (Greece & Cyprus) for the innovative technology of personalized Digital Brand Experiences in Skin, Beauty, Health & Wellness.

The market-leading selfie-based skin analysis technology combines with user data and external factors to guide customers on their own skin care journey and ideal product choices.

Our secure modules with integrated technology will help your e-shop or site to create holistic experiences that your customers will love.

We provide:

  • checkmarkSkin analysis through artificial intelligence
  • checkmarkPersonalized product recommendations
  • checkmark Omni-channel experience using our technology online or in-store
  • checkmark Use of the skin analyzer via mobile, tablet, desktop
  • checkmark Quick implementation for e-commerce (e-shops), mobile applications, Voice Shopping, Facebook messenger or WeChat

Platform options:

  • checkmarkAI SkinCare Advisor
  • checkmarkAI Make-Up Advisor
  • checkmarkAI Nutrition Advisor
  • checkmarkAI Sun Care Advisor

Something more than a platform! A true partner leading next generation of personalized skin care and e-commerce.

Digital Shelf

Do you have a physical store and you can not show all your products?

Do you want a digital assistant while your staff is busy ?

The Digital Shelf is the solution

Install the "Digital Shelf" application in 1 'and put your store inside the Digital world of tomorrow! Present digitally your products on a large interactive touch screen as if they were on your physical shelf.

  • checkmark Easy administration panel for importing products, descriptions, categories, filters, stock
  • checkmark All your warehouse in one screen
  • checkmarkAuxiliary tool for your salespeople
  • checkmark Ability to use the digital shelf by customer itself by adding the products that interest him to the basket
  • checkmark Auxiliary tool for additional sales
  • checkmark Easy & fast search for products (search bar, categories, filters)
  • checkmark Compatible with all devices (Windows, Android, iOS)
  • checkmark Ability to view articles and other information
  • checkmarkEasy installation

Digital Signage

platform connection

Do you want to display your products, services or ads easily and quickly?

With the Digital Signage you can.

  • checkmarkShow selected ads on image or text format
  • checkmarkShow selected products or services
  • checkmark Easy administration panel
  • checkmark A variety of layout options for the various projections
  • checkmark Horizontal and vertical projection support
  • checkmark Adjust the duration of each view
  • checkmark Support s multiple screen sizes

Competition in e-commerce is a click away.

Upgrade the quality of your e-shop and give your customers a pleasant experience so as to make them loyal.

Boost your profits through our digital tools online & in-store.


We will be happy to answer your questions about how we can upgrade your own business

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